Luxury Natural Dog Treats!

Birthday/Gotcha Day Cakes!


Dogs With Allergies

If your dog has any allergies to wheat or grains I am able to tailor treats specifically for your dog.  Get in touch with me through the Contact Us page.

Our Story

It all started with my Shih Tzu Belle, she was always a fussy eater so back in 2014 I decided to start making my own treats for her and my other two dogs Rocco and Orlando.

I wanted to create something natural that would not only benefit their health but be tasty at the same time.  So I got to work in the kitchen and started experimenting with different fruits, vegetables and herbs and my dogs loved what I made, after much research, studying and courses I started to create my own recipes and then I started baking for other peoples dogs and thats how La La & Belle was born!

We are proud that we have created our own wholesome natural treats that are loved by so many of you and through our hard work and dedication we continue to be a brand you can trust.

Rebecca (LaLa)